What is CRI?

The CRI is co-constructing and sharing new ways of learning, teaching, conducting research and mobilizing collective intelligence in the fields of life, learning and digital sciences, in order to face the world's sustainable development goals (SDGs).

CRI develops and hosts educational programs, from preschool to high school (Savanturiers - Ecole de la Recherche), and interdisciplinary Bachelor, Master, PhD as well as lifelong learning programs, of the Université de Paris.

At the heart of CRI are an INSERM-Université de Paris research Collaboratory Unit and an innovative maker and digital labs.

CRI co-organised the World Innovation Summit for Education in Paris (WISE@Paris) and hosted the first edition of the Learning Planet Assembly in partnership with AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and UNESCO. A wide range of partners accompanies CRI including Paris City Hall.

CRI was founded in 2006 by François Taddei and Ariel Lindner with the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation as an essential and key supporting partner.

  • 350 students each year, 1300 students since CRI's creation
  • +40 research fellows
  • +30 000 pupils involved in Savanturiers program since Savanturiers' creation in 2013
  • +100 talks by international scientific leaders
  • +100 000 subscriptions to CRI’s MOOCs since 2014
  • +50 nationalities
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Thursday, October 1, 2020
1:00 PM
Discovery Days
Find everything you've ever wanted to know about the CRI !

Each year, CRI dedicates some time to present all its initiatives and expertise to the whole CRI community. We call it "the Discovery Days".

This year, the Discovery Days will take place at CRI (8bis rue Charles V, 75004 Paris) from Thursday, October 1st (13:00-21:00), to Friday, October 2nd (9:00-18:30).

This introduction days will allow you to understand how CRI works. That's why we kindly invite you to take part in this 2-day event. The event will be a mix of presentations, workshops and games. During a speed-dating session, you'll be able to discover CRI community, for instance, discover the PhD thesis project, meet the Research Fellows, the Students clubs, the Savanturier program, etc.

Progam & registration:
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Friday, October 2, 2020
4:30 PM
Falling Walls Lab - Paris

Falling Walls is he one-day scientific conference which showcases the research work of international scientists from a wide range of fields

Before the general conference various onsite events (Falling Walls Labs) happen all around the world.

This year, Falling Walls Lab is coming to Paris (online)!

Pitch your innovative idea in just 3 minutes, showcasing a breakthrough that creates a positive impact on science and society. Join the growing Falling Walls community and win a trip to the global Finale in Berlin this November!

Join the growing Falling Walls community & win a trip to the global Finale in Berlin this November!

Deadline for applications: 18 September 2020 Apply here:

Falling Walls is open to students, entrepreneurs, early-career researchers, & academics of all disciplines.

Organisers team: Dule Misevic, Liubov Tupikina, Elodie Charbol. For any questions, contact us at

The final program of the event:

16h30 -16h40 - introduction

16h40 - 17h20 - presentations of 4 participants:

Ala' Salem, Mariana Kobayashi, Fatima Wehbi, Aida Abolhasani

17h20 - 17h25 - small break

17h25 - 18h15 - presentations of 5 participants:

Guy Aidelberg Marion Voillot Natasha Bahrani Anja Wegner Andri Setyowati

18h15 - open end - after jury discussions we will announce the finalist

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
7:00 PM
Atelier d'écriture - notre experience du soin à l'ère du COVID-19

Ateliers d’écriture Pour la rentrée, le Health and Care Lab vous propose de participer à des ateliers d’écriture, à destination des étudiants en médecine et internes. Ces ateliers explorerons notre Expérience du soin à l’ère du COVID-19 et notamment les situations exposant à la mort. En petit groupe nous utiliserons des pratiques réflexives et l'écriture pour mettre en lumière nos expériences partagées, sans jugement.

Les ateliers auront lieu les mardi 6 et 13 octobre 2020, de 19h à 21h.

Si vous souhaitez participer, nous vous demandons d’assister aux deux ateliers.

Le nombre de places est limitée à 15 personnes. L’inscription est gratuite et obligatoire : L’inscription est ouverte à tous les étudiants en médecine (de la deuxième année à la fin de l’internat), toutes facultés d'Ile-de-France confondues.

Le projet de recherche

Ces ateliers ont été mis en place dans le cadre d’un projet de recherche, élaboré par le Dr Hélène Souchu et le Dr Cloé Brami.

Hélène Souchu est interne en médecine, thésée, préparant le DESC de soins palliatifs. Elle est actuellement en stage de master de recherche clinique en soins palliatifs au Health and Care Lab sur le sujet de la narration en fin de vie.

Cloé Brami est médecin, cancérologue, actuellement doctorante en psychologie sur la place de la méditation de pleine conscience dans l'enseignement de la médecine. Elle coordonne au CRI le Health and Care Lab. Elle a créé un enseignement intitulé "pleine conscience et médecine" à l'Université de Paris depuis 3 ans et enseigne la méditation.

Le Health and Care Lab est un laboratoire de recherche, faisant partie du CRI (Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires) de Paris. Ses axes de recherche s’articulent autour de l’interdisciplinarité et la complexité en santé.

L’objectif de ce projet est d’étudier la place de la narration dans l’accompagnement des étudiants en médecine qui ont été confrontés à la mort pendant l’épidémie de COVID-19. L’écriture peut etre un moyen de prendre du recul sur le vécu de chacun, de mettre des mots ce qui peut être ressenti.

Des questions avant de vous inscrire ? N’hésitez pas à demander des informations complémentaires à

Image d’illustration : A Portrait of Tuna Writing par Kari Sagal Allgire

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020
7:00 PM
A.G de L'Association des Enseignants de la Transition

L'Association des Enseignants de la Transition tiendra son Assemblée Générale Constitutive au CRI le mardi 7 octobre 2020 à 19h.

Son objectif est de favoriser l’enseignement dans le supérieur de toutes les disciplines de la Transition écologique et solidaire et d’inclure les éléments de la Transition dans les autres disciplines.

Pour cela elle agit sur trois leviers :

Rassembler et faire collaborer les enseignants et enseignante Construire un plaidoyer commun Médiatiser la transition académique et ses idées

L'adhésion est gratuite sur L'AG constitutive est ouverte à tous les membres inscrits.

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Thursday, October 8, 2020
5:00 PM
Network Seminar "Who, where, why: non-traditional data and predictive analytics to map socio-economic vulnerabilities"

We are happy to invite you to our first network seminar Paris sessions, starting on October 8th 2020.

Our first presenter is researcher Dr. Elisa Omodei (World Food Programme’s Research).

Who, where, why: non-traditional data and predictive analytics to map socio-economic vulnerabilities

In a rapidly changing world, severely affected by extreme weather events, epidemic outbreaks, economic shocks and conflicts, it is of fundamental importance to understand where the most vulnerable people are, how many they are, and to identify what it is that makes them more vulnerable than others to these threats. During the last decade, research has shown that data such as digital traces, phone metadata and satellite imagery carry relevant information beyond their original purpose and can be used as a proxy to measure socio-economic characteristics and detect vulnerabilities when traditional data is not available. Following an overview of these studies, the talk will deep dive into the UN World Food Programme’s original work on predicting food security. We will then conclude by discussing challenges and limitations, but also opportunities, that come with these approaches.

Bio: Elisa Omodei is the Predictive Analytics Lead of the Hunger Monitoring Unit at the World Food Programme’s Research, Assessment and Monitoring division. She also serves as Vice-President Secretary of the Complex Systems Society. She holds a BSc and a MSc in Physics and a PhD in Applied Mathematics for the Social Sciences. After her PhD, she spent a few years in academia before joining the United Nations in 2017, first at UNICEF's Office of Innovation and now at the World Food Programme.

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Saturday, November 7, 2020
2:00 PM
"Remix ta thèse" Workshop open to everyone on Nov. 7th

The Open Law Fund and its partners, HackYourResearch, Où sont les dragons and Open Law, are organizing on november 7th a workshop open to everyone. This event is proposed as part of Remix ta thèse, an experimentation aiming at reappropriating the work of the doctoral students in law.

The event, at the crossroads of research and design, aims to answer the question « Why open your research (thesis, dissertation...), and how to foster the reappropriation of your research by others ?».

The first workshop will be a design fiction based on a Legal history thesis : Transmissions of legal knowledge during the Roman Empire (27 B.C – 565 A.C), by Ralph Évêque


In a not-so-distant future, as the educational system is affected by deep changes, two teams confront their views on modern and traditional vision of teaching. For more information and news on the event, go to the page Remix ta thèse ! Workshops in French only...

Come along (no background in law needed)!

I want to participate :

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