carla tous mayol
carla's Bio

Previous to my bachelor studies I became an Environmental Chemistry lab technician, then I continued with a BSc in biology in the University of Barcelona. During my bachelor, I was involved in two research projects studying the microbiology of water related to the health and virology related to human health.

After completing all the courses in Barcelona, I decided to carry out my bachelor thesis abroad in the framework of an Erasmus exchange program at the Institut Pasteur of Paris, studying the biology of spirochetes, combining microbiology lab work with genomic data analysis. 

Now, I find myself enrolled as an M2 student of the master AIRE - LiSc, to explore and learn from all the people that compose the CRI’s environment.

For my first M2 internship, I joined the Synthetic FlyLab at the CRI, and worked in the MMO CRISPR project to provide a tool to establish a massively parallel genome editing and transcription modulation strategies. As for my second internship, I joined the Evolutionary Genetics' lab at the ESPCI, to address the question of pyoverdin diversity; quantification and ecological significance. 

We push the limits of CRISPR genome engineering in the fruit fly
Sleeping quality: an exploration of student’s experience during the lockdown
Evaluate the impact of lockdown and related parameters on students’ sleeping quality.